All You Need to Know about The Choo Yilin Engagement Ring


You may have seen our previous post on our sapphire engagement rings FAQ but beyond that, we wanted to look at the bigger picture by answering the general queries you may have when planning to buy a Choo Yilin engagement ring.

Here are some things we hope would come in handy.


Why did Choo Yilin choose to work with colourful gemstones, like sapphires and jade, for engagement rings, instead of the more traditional colourless diamonds?

At Choo Yilin, we believe in the importance of celebrating life’s most significant moments with something that honours and speaks to our identities.

Through the years of research dedicated to creating our first collection of ready-to-wear engagement rings, the rich colours present in Asian celebrations across eras always stood out and awed us. We drew inspiration from that by embracing a rainbow of hues for the precious gems that would be the centrepiece of each Choo Yilin engagement ring.

Choo Yilin has jade engagement rings? That’s great -
my girlfriend loves jade!

Yes, we do! Our latest series of engagement rings features Choo Yilin’s hallmark gem, Type A Jadeite in lavender, and ocean hues as the centrepieces for the newest series of rings.


How much are your engagement rings?

Choo Yilin jade engagement rings start at SGD $2.8k, and Choo Yilin sapphire engagement rings start at  $6.8k. Each Choo Yilin engagement ring is handcrafted in solid 18kt white or rose gold.

I like this ring’s design but it is in white gold. Can you plate it in rose or yellow gold?

We strongly advise against plating the ring in a different colour, as the plating (even in solid gold) may fade over time. Years of research and development have shown us that a piece as important as an engagement ring should be set in solid 18kt gold, so you may wear it for the many special milestones to come.

What’s the difference between 9kt gold and 18kt gold?

The difference lies in the percentage of pure gold. Gold purity is measured in "karats", for example: 9kt, 18kt, 24kt.


The purest form of gold is 24kt gold, which is too soft to craft gemstone-set jewellery from. For jewellery, pure gold needs to be alloyed with other metals because it is too malleable; harder metals such as copper or silver are typically mixed with gold in order for the alloy to be hard enough to sustain a shape, or to securely encase a gemstone.

At Choo Yilin, 18kt gold pieces would make the most ideal choice for an engagement ring.

Can I just change the gemstone from Ring Design A to Ring Design B?

As no two gemstones are the same (in colour, cut, or carat/weight), the weave of metalwork would also be different. This means that the dimensions of each ring is precisely handcrafted to hold the specific chosen gemstone for the design, and therefore, the stones cannot be interchanged.


However, if you’ve got your eye and mind set on a specific design, you are welcome to explore the Choo Yilin Bespoke Journey and we can work on designing your dream engagement ring from scratch! Our bespoke services begin at SGD $15k.


What sizes do your rings come in? US Sizes? Japan Sizes?

Choo Yilin rings are measured according to US ring sizes. Please view our comprehensive sizing chart here.

What if I buy the wrong size?

Choo Yilin is pleased to offer a one-time complimentary resizing upon request. Usually, for rings without diamonds on the band, we are able to make an allowance of two sizes up or down. For rings with diamonds, the maximum allowance is either one size up or down. Depending on the design of the ring, please keep in mind that the request will have to be reviewed by our team to ensure the proportions, functionality or overall aesthetic of the ring are maintained to their best. Should you be keen to request a particular size, please do let us know during our complimentary consultation with you so we can advise you before you purchase.


How long would resizing take? I want to propose soon.

Resizing would take approximately 16 weeks, as the ring will have to undergo several rounds of quality checks to ensure that it is at its absolute finest. Since we offer a one-time complimentary resizing of our engagement rings, clients also have the option of proposing with the ring first, and resizing after she says yes. A very important thing to note is that our rings can only accommodate resizing to a certain degree, to preserve the ring’s optimal proportion and design.

If you wish to propose with the ring first and resize later, we highly recommend speaking with our sales team on whether the ring design will be able to accommodate your resizing needs.

Do you offer engraving services?

Yes, we do offer engraving services for a chargeable fee. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

What does a Choo Yilin engagement ring come with?

Each Choo Yilin engagement ring will come with a velvet ring box and a polishing cloth.


Does it come with after-sales care?

Most definitely. Each purchase you make at Choo Yilin comes with our brand promise, and dedicated after-sales care. Our customer care team would be more than happy to assist; please contact us here.

I want to keep my engagement ring as an heirloom, to pass onto my daughter. How do we take care of the rings?

We love that idea! Please view our complete jewellery care guide here.

I love the ring designs but I’m already married - can I still buy them?

Around 50% of our clients actually purchase our rings as “anniversary rings”, or as a meaningful gift to celebrate special milestones with.

I am not getting married, nor am I celebrating any anniversary. Is it ok if I just want to buy this ring for myself?

Most definitely - if you’ve got your eye on any of our rings as a “just because” gift to self, we invite you to have a closer look, and even try them on in our Flagship Boutique. Click here to secure an appointment!


If you have any more questions, we look forward to hearing from you!
Simply email us at so a dedicated member of our team can assist you.

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