Beyond The Deals - What Went Down at Our Biggest Sale!

Choo Yilin Seconds and Sample Sale Event 2018

We just concluded one of the most intense weekends at Choo Yilin ever.
If you've been following our brand for a while now, you'd know that we almost never hold sales events like this.

To say it was an incredible and humbling experience would be a huge understatement. Here are five significant reflections we wanted to share with you.


1. Time with you, our valued clients

We met and spoke to more than 1000 of you over the three-day SSSale, and we were reminded again why pulling all-nighters in the lead up to events like these are completely worth it. It was incredibly humbling to meet so many of you in person, whether it’s the first, second or for some, even tenth time! Many of you arrived at the SSSale as strangers, but left as friends. We were heartened by how you were genuinely considerate of one another, asking one another to choose their preferred piece(s) and even offering kind praises whenever a piece suited others.

We learnt that some of you rushed over before work or during your office breaks, some of you took leave from work, and some even broke your confinements! Beyond our amazement, we were deeply touched by the show of support. Your messages on social media also reflected that love you had for our brand, and we are deeply grateful.

(Names, social media handles and profile pictures have been omitted to respect our clients' privacy.)


You bowled us over with your wit and love through your comments:

Choo Yilin Instagram messages

And your kind dms absolutely made our team smile:

Choo Yilin Instagram messages

While some of you took the time to post photos of your purchases on your Instagram, with sentiments we are grateful for!

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2. The Queues

The RSVP numbers cued us to expect a crowd, however, there are still things that we learned could be improved. At its peak, we were told that the queues stretched on for over an hour. We received a slew of messages on social media sharing the length of the crowd asking us if we could do anything to manage this better.

For those we didn’t manage to personally apologise to, please know that we are terribly sorry for any discomfort caused. As a stop-gap measure, we tried our best to help mitigate the discomfort by providing water and chairs as much and as quickly as we could. We also received creative suggestions on our social media platforms such as providing umbrellas for pregnant women in the future. If you have a suggestion for us to improve the experience for you, please do get in touch with us, too!

People queuing at the Choo Yilin Seconds and Sample Sale event 2018.
People queuing at the Choo Yilin Seconds and Sample Sale event 2018.

3. Technology Issues

Perhaps the most stressful moments during the SSSale was when our credit card machines lost signal during the peak hour on Friday, resulting in a number of clients being late for their work meetings.  

Our back-end team (bless you all!) came down to help out without us asking them to. Together, we tried to clear the backlog by accepting alternative modes of payment to ease the situation, some of which weren’t ideal for our accountants (our Finance department is rolling up its sleeves and working OT as we write this entry!). We were told by our credit card terminal provider that they were doing maintenance work during those hours and it resulted in the transaction failures. We have sent feedback to them to alert us with regards to these system updates so that we can be prepare alternative modes of payment in situations like this, and for our future events, too.

As we worked to be as quick as possible for payment, trying to stay calm, the crowds did build up and there was an incident where the queue was cut. In our anxiety to clear the queue as fast as possible, we wrongly accepted her payment ahead of those who were in line. When we realised this, we were mortified. We completely understand that this was distressing for those who’d been patiently waiting in line (we would have been too!), and we acknowledge that we can improve on the queue system to abate such instances. To those who were in the line at the time, we are grateful for your patience and for your sincerity in understanding the situation whilst also letting us know what you feel we can improve on. 

While we may have apologised to as many of you as we possibly could on the spot, please accept our deepest apologies for the terrible inconvenience caused on Friday.


4. Needing to Replenish Stock and Responding to your Feedback   

On the first day of the SSSale, we were so overwhelmed by your support of the brand that we actually did run out of certain stocks alarmingly before mid-afternoon. At that point, our team immediately went to scour our treasure trove archive for as many more pieces as we could offer in the coming days, just to ensure we’d have enough stock for Day 2 and 3 of the SSSale!

That evening, we stayed back in the office past 9pm to basically ensure that all the issues that were faced that day would be mitigated for Saturday. Three of us managed to persuade our partners to spend their weekend with us (and you!) at the SSSale, and a few of own team members cancelled their weekend plans to make sure that we had the added manpower. 

We created contingency plans in case the credit card terminals faced issues again (thankfully, they didn’t!) and we re-did the system flow at payment to better address the bottleneck at the cashier area. We were very happy to note that whilst the crowd on Saturday was larger than Friday’s, the flow was a lot more seamless than the day before. Whilst there were queues, they moved along quite smoothly, and we were greatly relieved.  

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If there are any other areas where you personally feel that we could improve on, please don’t hesitate to let us know at . Your recommendations do matter to us, and we thrive on feedback as it is
the only way we can improve.

5. Our Gratitude for Your Trust

One of the things that caused us the most anxiety before the SSSale was the fact that we were explicitly sharing not to purchase any of the pieces that you wanted to celebrate your special moments with. We feared that this may offend some, but we felt that transparency was the best policy, especially if it involved your most emotionally significant moments.

Choo Yilin InstaStories

The pieces that were at the SSSale were not solid gold pieces, the “seconds” didn’t pass our stringent level of quality checks and the pieces bought during the SSSale wouldn’t have any post-purchase support - all of which are crucial elements for any special moments jewellery. We felt it important to convey this as clearly as possible and thus, we proceeded with being explicit with the terms and conditions of the sale.

Far from taking offence, you floored us with your appreciation for us being honest about the caveats of the seconds and samples pieces. You, our clients, never cease to amaze us. We are truly grateful for your trust and that our advice was taken in the best way possible. We are encouraged to be braver and equally transparent going forward.

We too, appreciate you.

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The last few days were incredibly humbling in so many ways. Even today, we still receive DMs and messages from many of you who missed out on the sale due to other commitments or because you are overseas, and asking if there’s any chance you can still get a piece of the SSSale action… Trust us when we say each client is important to us, and we’ve taken these requests into serious consideration. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your support of our work - allow us some time to plan and see what we may be able to do for you! 

Every single one of us at Choo Yilin work so, so hard to do justice to making all of us Asian women proud of our heritage and events like this give us the much needed inspiration to continue doing just that. Please reach out at if there’s anything you would like to share about the event – good or bad. We can only continue doing what we are doing because of you, and we hope to always do better, to become the best possible version we can be.