The Choo Yilin Jade Kit: Cutting Techniques


To better understand the rationale for each of the questions and answers outlined in our Cheat Sheet to Buying Jade (Part One of the Choo Yilin Jade Kit), we’ve prepared Part Two:

The In-depth Analysis.

Jade bangles come in many different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. The reason for that is primarily because jade boulders come in many shapes and sizes as well. What most jade traders will do is to maximise how many bangles they can craft out of every jade boulder.

At Choo Yilin, we pay close attention to the cut of each jade bangle, and over the course of a decade, we have found a range of proportions that work best with our designs.

For example, we experimented for over six months before we were finally satisfied with the proportions for our Classic Oval Jade bangles; proportions that we felt would fit our wrists snugly and comfortably.

The cut matters to us, and custom-cut jade bangles are always going to cost a premium, simply because there will be a lot of material wastage to achieve the right proportions for each hololith.


Choo Yilin