Why Wear Jade This Chinese New Year

Jade has been a popular choice in Asian culture for decades and has continued to remain so among all ages today. While the designs and motifs of jade jewellery has evolved over time, the reasons why jade is so well-loved remains the same.


Beauty and Balance for Its Wearer

When worn close to the body, jade brings about emotional balance, humility, and harmony. It is said that jade also helps one to rid themselves of negative thoughts, soothing the mind. Jade is also known as the stone of calm in the midst of a storm, and this belief is tied to the balancing and calming properties of jade.

Women don jewellery as a part of their expression of individuality. The unique traits of jade and its one-of-a-kind beauty not only makes a fashion statement, but also showcases specific traits of an individual. As jewellery is designed to make you look beautiful, it too should bring out the best of you.

Warding off Bad Luck

According to Chinese astrology, people in their zodiac year are believed to offend the God of Age, incurring his curse of bad luck. Therefore, Chinese astrology followers pay special attention to their conduct every twelfth year of their lives, also known as their birth sign years. Jade is especially popular during Chinese New Year as it is indeed auspicious to start the year with all the luck and protection one can get! It is exactly why individuals in their Zodiac year are so fond of jade. Whether it is the year of your zodiac or not, it is said that wearing red together with jade can ward off bad luck and ensure your year to be a smooth sailing one. 


Prosperity and Protection for the New Year

Be it an heirloom treasure, gift, or a jewellery piece purchased for oneself, jade is believed to bring luck, good fortune and protection to its wearer. It is said that jade prevents illness, and enhances positivity in its wearer. With the Lunar New Year around the corner, jade brings about renewed strength, and often make beautiful gifts from mothers to daughters as a form of protection and love. 


Choo Yilin's Chinese New Year jewellery feature bamboo motifs in 9kt solid gold (黄金) alongside red toned semi precious stones like Rhodolite Garnet and Red Garnet, symbolising prosperity. The Chinese saying, "Yellow generates Yin and Yang", implies that the colour yellow also represents neutrality, balance, and good luck. Bamboo is also highly symbolic during the Chinese New Year season, representing strength, good luck and fortune for the coming year ahead. Putting on these fine jewellery pieces is an expression of wearing the above qualities close to you this Lunar New Year. 


Tough in adversity, graceful in tranquility, the Choo Yilin Bamboo Collection is perfect for auspicious occasions.