5 Things You Must Know When Shopping for Wedding Jewellery

Be it heirloom jewellery, Si Dian Jin, or a wedding gift from your spouse, fine jewellery plays a huge part in weddings. Given its significance, brides could do with some help picking out jewellery designs for their special day.



1. Look Beyond Your Wedding

Bridal jewellery pieces tend to be higher priced due to its quality and significance, and therefore it is best to be practical about it – choose jewellery designs that would fit comfortably in your wardrobe, pieces that will complement your day-to-day outfits. If you are already going to splurge on a beautiful set of jewellery, why not choose something you can see yourself wearing time and time again? Some call it returns on investment, but regardless of what it is, you definitely do not want to be spending thousands on a piece that is never leaving the house again.

2. Versatility

Oftentimes, brides share a common concern that whilst they feel the wedding calls for a more dramatic look, they fear that the piece will no longer be relevant to their wardrobe after the big day – for example, an elaborate pair of long shoulder duster earring may match your wedding gown perfectly, but beyond the wedding, can you picture yourself donning it without feeling out of place? Hence, as a more versatile option, we recommend modular or stackable jewellery pieces that can be layered to give the same dramatic effect on your wedding day, and mixed and match to suit the other occasions after your wedding.

3. Don’t agonize over the details

So you found something you see yourself wearing for decades after the wedding, only that, it doesn’t quite suit your wedding gown. For instance, you'd like a pink amethyst gemstone but the white moonstone suits the gown better. Marvellous, who knew jewellery shopping could be so stressful! But the truth is, it really does not have to be. A good jeweller should act as an effective personal stylist and give advice on how the jewellery can fit within the bigger picture. At Choo Yilin, we provide the service of customization and personal styling. Changing the plating or the semi precious gemstone to the ones of your choice is not a problem, and makes for a happy shopping experience!

4. Invest in Solid Gold and organic precious gems

When done right, gold jewellery can gorgeously complement your wedding gown without screaming ‘old’ all over. Jadeite or jade jewellery can also be an amazing way to add tradition and value with a modern touch to the occasion. Given all the thought and effort you are spending on choosing the right look for the biggest day of your life, you would want to go for quality jewellery that will allow you to wear them on numerous occasions for years to come, and be lasting enough to hand them down as heirloom jewellery to your daughters.

5. Make it Personal

It is your wedding, your love story. And there is something magical about capsuling your union in your jewellery. While our ready-to-wear jade jewellery are inspired by virtues of love and symbolic natural elements of which you might resonate with, why not take it a step further to make it bespoke. Passed down jewellery, gold or diamonds can be reinstated into a new jewellery piece, acting as a visual idiom for decades to come. After all, your love is like no other, and so should your wedding jewellery.

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