Reviving Choo Yilin's Iconic Shophouse Collection


Last Summer, the Choo Yilin Shophouse Collection was released to critical acclaim for its refreshing take on its translation of traditional Singaporean architecture into modern fine jewellery.  This time around, we're reviving the Shophouse collection and introducing our signature medium of Type A Burmese Jadeite into the mix for an eclectic collection featuring touches of asymmetry and modern silhouettes. 

Choo Yilin Shophouse Jade Necklace and Shophouse Gemstone Earrings

Emerald-cut gemstones aren't exactly run-of-the-mill. For our latest Shophouse Jade collection, we insisted on these Choo Yilin custom-cut stones despite the difficulties and numerous roadblocks we faced in product development — simply because we wanted to pay homage to a lauded Singaporean icon, in the most authentic way possible.

The long, angular silhouettes are modelled after the archetypal Peranakan shophouses' rectangular timber windows and doors whilst the pastel palette pays tribute to the soft hues favoured by the traditional facades of these shophouses.

Accompanied by the pastel Rose Quartz and Light Blue Chalcedony, this collection also includes the perennial Choo Yilin favourites such as the Green Amethyst and White Moonstone.

Choo Yilin Shophouse Jade Bangle and Shophouse Trinity Ring

A stark contrast to the quintessential Choo Yilin collections that feature floral artistry and lavish milgrain detail, our latest Choo Yilin Shophouse Jade Collection embodies structured shapes and clean lines. Through our heritage jewellery, we aspire to immortalise every form of traditional artistry, metaphor, and story worth preserving — architectural and sculptural wonders included. 

Join us in our journey of documenting the heritage stories we love and hold dear, vis-a-vis our chosen medium of modern jade jewellery, as we aim to reinvent the concept of heirloom pieces and heritage gems — one exquisite Choo Yilin jade piece at a time.