A New Dimension of Brilliance: The Lunar Jade Bangles

Lunar Jade Bangle: RHEIA
Her name signifies the Earth,
and her creation was inspired by true, organic wonders.

She is magnificent, and majestically pure.


Each Lunar Jade Bangle is crowned with a diamond-embellished signature Choo Yilin clasp with intricate, solid 18kt rose gold, Peranakan-inspired filigree. We wanted to pay homage to our roots while ensuring that we covered as little of the bangle as possible; this delicate clasp went through ten design iterations as every detail was taken into consideration, down to the proportion of each handcrafted milgrain before it was ready.


Lunar Jade Bangle: Maia,
symbolic of euphoric skies


She is the picture of radiance and prestige.
She is named after the unique starlight dazzling in a vast galaxy.

She's a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Lunar Jade Bangle: Elysia,
synonymous with ethereal beauty


She is named after the light of stars,
exceptionally radiant to behold and inspire.

She is jade's elite.

Lunar Jade Bangle: Astria,
the birth of the Lunar Jade Collection


Her name depicts a glorious sky filled with stars, and she glows with daring abandon.

There’s no other like her.

Of every jade boulder ever mined, only the absolute finest part of the organic stone is reserved for crafting a jade bangle. The jade bangle takes ultimate precedence, as each bangle created is an immaculate, complete piece of jade.

And of the world's fine jade supply, Choo Yilin only works with Type A Jadeite.


So many Asian cultures perceive the jade bangle to be the ultimate symbol of protection and love, which is why they make such cherished heirlooms.

Over the years, as our craftsmanship continued to evolve and improve, our heritage has remained a constant inspiration for each metalwork design interlaced with our bangles. From delicate Peranakan filigree symbolic of hand-sewn Nyonya embroidery, to the clean silhouettes modelled after Shophouses, to  inherently significant emblems of Asian culture like the Sakura and the Bamboo; each Collection tells stories of our beloved region.

Lunar Jade Bangle

It has taken a decade for our founder, Yilin, to handpick these bangles.
They are the brand's crème de la crème.

Each Lunar Jade Bangle was chosen for their unparalleled luminosity and unbelievably fine grain; these bangles also belong to a class of jade that’s coveted by serious jade collectors all over the world. The prices for these rare marvels rise astronomically year on year, as the Lunar Jade Collection features the top 1% of jade bangles of our time. Each Lunar Jade Bangle is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, organically created by nature and polished by master artisans to unveil an ethereal glow that’s impossible to replicate. 

It is only once in a blue moon, that amidst the sheer volume of jade we source across the world, we find a piece that not only meets but surpasses our standards and leaves us absolutely awestruck. 


May the Lunar Jade Bangles, in all their radiance and light, capture your hearts as they have undisputedly captured ours. Experience a new dimension of brilliance with the unveiling of the newest Choo Yilin icons, each exquisite piece a treasure so rare and worthy of encapsulating exceptional love through the generations. The Lunar Jade Collection features bangles that begin at $8,000 and go up to $100,000 and they are exclusively available at the Choo Yilin Flagship Boutique, by appointment only.