Choo Yilin at Asia Society New York


The themes of love, heritage and becoming are intrinsic to Choo Yilin. It is for this reason, above all, that we are extremely honoured and humbled to be able to represent Singapore in showcasing our designs on a global platform.

As part of the Singapore Design Now initiative by Singapore Tourism Board, our founder, Yilin represented Singapore and spoke at Asia Society New York, an institution known to host some of the world’s most empowered figures like Hillary Clinton and Aung San Suu Kyi.

Choo Yilin at Asia Society New York
We are storytellers of Southeast Asian heritage and conservation, using jewellery as that platform to share these important narratives. Weaving intricate metalwork, coloured gemstones and jade, each Choo Yilin piece is a visual idiom of our personal story and communities.

Being the first jade designer in the world to work with jade the way we do and to be able to share that design-pushing work on a global platform like Asia Society is an exciting milestone for our brand. For a locally grown label to be able to share that same platform as these empowered figures and to represent Singapore clearly emphasizes Choo Yilin’s footing on a global stage.

Yilin shares some of her thoughts from her trip to New York:
"What I hope to achieve at an event like this is to extend that awareness of what Singapore's known for to something else - world-class design that meaningfully references its culture and heritage."


Asia Society New York

If you happen to be reading this from the Big Apple, drop by the Singapore Design Now exhibition at the Asia Society to enjoy the curated experience: an authentic glimpse of the vibrancy and multi-culturalism which reflects Singapore’s unique position as a confluence of robust exchanges between varied cultures from the past till today.


Our vision for the brand is to reach out to young Asian women all over the world:
to happily share that there is finally a jewellery brand that speaks to you and your every emotionally significant moment - from births and weddings and anniversaries, to meaningful birthday gifts and “just because” treats for yourself.

Choo Yilin featured in The Straits Times
Our heritage is profoundly moving and these are stories that are deserving to be told on a global scale; that we are capable of creating immense beauty that will leave people in deep awe. That we don’t have to borrow from another person’s culture or history to feel enough. Because quite simple, we are good enough. We are enough.