Personal Snapshots Of Choo Yilin Weddings


At Choo Yilin, we're huge on weddings - the one grand spectacle all women dream about. From lavish ballrooms, to dreamy wedding dresses, and your very own prince charming - we'd love to help make your special day like none other. In this post, we're bringing you some personal snapshots from our treasured clients with their own Choo Yilin pieces on their wedding day. Nothing quite warms our hearts more than knowing that we played such a significant role in the union of two beautiful souls. 



Sherlyn Chan wearing the Sakura Bloom Jade Studs together with her Bamboo Forest Jade Bangle.

Sherlyn Chan wearing the Sakura Bloom Jade Studs together with her Bamboo Forest Jade Bangle.

A closer look of the Choo Yilin Jade Bangle

Photography by: Pixioo

Beautiful inside and out, if you didn't think the ever refined and polished Sherlyn Chan could look even more ravishing - her wedding pictures will blow you away. Every bit the stunning blushing bride, Sherlyn chose a pastel pink lace qipao - the perfect concoction of femininity and heritage. At Choo Yilin, we too love taking tradition and putting a spin of modernity into it. Beautifully tailored, this dress fits perfectly into her frame and is the ideal dress for such a significant event. Sherlyn pairs her gorgeous gown with a few of our Choo Yilin pieces for her wedding tea ceremony. Seen on her is our classic Bamboo Trio Jade Bangle, Bamboo Drape Drops Studs and Bamboo Marquise Jade Ring.  




Photography by: One Eye Click

As a rendition of successful beginnings, a white wedding gown is a must have for every bride. Donned in a graceful white wedding gown, Serene looks exceedingly elegant. Notice the intricate patterns on her lace gown that intertwine with one another, giving her ensemble a look of sophistication and femininity. We really love how she added a touch of tradition to the clean aesthetics of her gown with our Bamboo Pearl Drops earrings. In contrast, Serene also donned a traditional red qipao that is embellished by radiant and glistening rhinestones. To match the vibrant traditional costume, she completes the outfit with our lovely Cherry Blossom Branch Ring in Rose Gold and romantic Cherry Blossom Jade Bangle. 




Photography: Anzai from Thomson Wedding Collection

Customary to traditional Chinese weddings and regarded as one of the most significant event, is the tea ceremony. With values of filial piety a stronghold for the Chinese culture, it is no wonder that the ceremony is extremely important as it is a time for the bride and groom to show respect to their elders. Such an significant event calls for an equally stunning traditional qipao. Woven into Sam's eloquent qipao is intricate motifs of flowers and the auspicious dragon. The perfect accessory for this traditional custom is none other than a Choo Yilin Jade Bangle.


 If we've had the honour of being a part of your special day, do make our day by tagging us in your pictures at #chooyilin and #chooyilinweddings! After all, we're all for narrative-rich jewellery and nothing quite beats a heartwarming love story with a happily ever after.