Choo Yilin x Sherlyn Chan: A Jade Bangle Style Guide


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After collecting her custom Choo Yilin jade bangle last month, the radiant Sherlyn Chan makes us swoon with style choices (#OOTDs) that pair her brand new Peranakan Flower Trio Jade Bangle with timeless and elegant ensembles. Intrigued and inspired, we invited Sherlyn to take over the Insider, to share tips on styling a fine jade keepsake.

This post is written by Sherlyn Chan.


Like my other jade jewellery, I find my jade bangle versatile and easy to pair. I really appreciate that, especially since I intend to cherish this piece for a very long time.

It might be a subconscious choice, but I tend lean towards lighter and more muted colours, which match my light-hued bangle perfectly. Another thing I love about my bangle is that the gemstones that embellish it have such a beautiful contrast - a deep red Garnet for the centre, and gleaming White Topaz corners. It not only adds dimension to the bangle, it also stands out beautifully against the darker clothes that I wear - especially when I wear anything with deeper accents like blues and maroons. With dressier, or more formal outfits, there's really no question as to how a jade bangle would fit in.

YaoSher copy.jpg


“It really adds ELEGANCE to an outfit; I enjoy pairing it with my favourite dresses and I often wear mine when I'm out for brunch, or on a date.”


I believe that jade bangles should not be stowed away and only taken out once in awhile. A jade bangle has so much more mileage than I’d thought, and now that I have this new bangle, I’m discovering more ways to wear it. My bangle also matches every other non-jade jewellery just fine, never taking too much attention away from them nor being undermined.

Interestingly though, when I do wear my bangle, I find myself instinctively reaching out for my other jade pieces; you’ll find me wearing my jade ring which is a staple for me (I love my Flower Jade Ring with Moonstone, Sakura Florette Jade Ring and Bamboo Square Jade Ring!), or a jade necklace or jade earrings along with my bangle.

I just love them even more when they’re worn together.


Since each jade bangle is unique, what may work for me and my bangle may not work for you, but I find that’s what makes pairing it with our own styles so special and unique. A good tip to remember though, is once you find a jade bangle that goes well with your skin tone, choose that one because each bangle is one-of-a-kind.

When you find the one that complements your skin tone well, it will naturally be easier to style, even years down the road, because it matches you. I’m still discovering more styles with my bangle, and I do hope to see more people styling theirs too; I could gain inspiration from them, and also from you!

With Love,

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