Sapphires: Your Questions Answered


When we launched the Choo Yilin Sapphire Engagement Ring Collection last week, we met with such an abundance of love. We are incredibly grateful and humbled; it is an honour to be the jeweller of choice for such an unforgettable moment in life, and in love.

We received many direct messages on our social media platforms, and emails requesting to know more about the rings. We wanted to return your overwhelming support by crafting an FAQ, just for you.


What are sapphires?

Sapphires are corundums - a naturally occuring mineral with an exceptional hardness of 9 on the Mohs Scale (where diamonds are a 10), and an impressive refractive index of 1.77 - 1.76, they take in light gloriously to showcase a stunning brilliance.

I thought sapphires are all blue. Do sapphires come in different colours?

Sapphires come in a plethora of hues - blues, pinks, yellows, browns, pinks, whites and more, each colour as enthralling as the next. Each colour story also encompasses a variety of shades; for example, a blue sapphire could mean “cornflower blue”, “royal blue”, “pale blue” and beyond.

Red corundums are the only exception - they’re called rubies.


Are sapphires a popular choice for engagement rings?

Sapphires have been perennial crowd favourites as engagement rings for years due to their exceptional durability and radiance. The popularity of Sapphires have reached a new high in the recent years, since the Duchess of Cambridge was proposed to with a blue sapphire ring.

I’m no expert of gemstones, how do I know this is a sapphire?

Rest assured that all Choo Yilin sapphires are genuine, and natural precious stones. All Choo Yilin sapphire engagement rings are certified by a professional member of the Singapore Jewellers Association to ensure authenticity.

How much are sapphires worth?

The value of a sapphire depends on several factors which include (but are not limited to) the colour, cut and also the treatments applied to the gem. The world’s most expensive sapphire jewellery is the Jewel of Kashmir Ring which sold for USD $6.7million at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong. That equates to a record $243,073 per carat!

Why are sapphires so valuable?

Sapphires are rarer than diamonds.

In a year, over 140 million carats of diamonds may be produced, but only 128 million carats of sapphires are produced around the world. Of the 128 million, only 6 million are unheated sapphires.

What is an unheated sapphire?

An unheated sapphire is a natural marvel, which means the sapphire has not been heated to alter its properties. Less than 5% of the world’s supply of sapphires are unheated, making them incredibly precious and highly coveted. An unheated sapphire is 40% more valuable than a heated sapphire.

Why are unheated sapphires 40% more valuable than heated sapphires?

Heated sapphires make up approximately 95% of the supply of sapphires in the world. Many sapphires in the trade undergo heat treatments to get bolder, more uniform colours. This also means that hundreds of heated sapphires may look the same.

Is there a difference between Choo Yilin sapphires and other sapphires in the market?

There is a wide range of sapphires available in the market - from manmade, to heated, to unheated sapphires across a wide range of prices (from hundreds of dollars to millions of it). Here at Choo Yilin, all our sapphires are unheated and completely organic; each one is handpicked by our team. They are chosen for their brilliance, and vibrancy - each one distinct - to be the centerpiece of a Choo Yilin engagement ring.

I heard that sapphires have inclusions. What are “inclusions”?

Inclusions are naturally occurring, and part of the sapphire as it forms in the earth. They come in the form of silks, fingerprints or mineral crystals. Even the most expensive sapphire will have inclusions, and they’re often celebrated, as they give a distinctive dimension to the stone which sets it apart from another one. Inclusions are a clear sign that the gem is authentic, and organic.

Does Choo Yilin have heated sapphire engagement rings?

Choo Yilin only works with unheated, coloured sapphires for its sapphire engagement ring collection. The Choo Yilin team spent years to source each one, and no two stones are alike.

Why so?

We believe that each love story is incredibly special, and the ring that celebrates a once-in-a-lifetime love story should also be one-of-a-kind, befitting the gravitas of the occasion.

I love sapphires! But I'm not getting married any time soon, can I still buy this?

Our engagement rings were inspired by Asian love stories, and we most definitely believe in self-love, too! These rings would make perfect gifts to self; for celebrating a milestone or for celebrating simply being you. If sapphires are your favourite gems, or even your birthstone, we invite you to have a closer look in our Flagship Boutique.

Can I request for a specific colour of sapphire for the ring design that I choose?

No two rings are the same - from the cut, to the carat, to the colour of the sapphire. Each ring design is especially paired with a specific sapphire. If you’d like to request for a specific colour of sapphire to be paired with a specific ring design, we’d be happy to explore a bespoke creation with you. Click here to request a complimentary bespoke consultation with us.

Will Choo Yilin only produce sapphire engagement rings? No colourless diamond solitaires?

The Choo Yilin Engagement Rings were inspired by the rich colours present in Asian celebrations and were designed to speak to who we are; each piece is a timeless ode to heritage, and love. We chose coloured, unheated sapphires to honour that.


Will Choo Yilin only have these five sapphire rings? They’re one-off pieces - what if they go out of stock?

Each design is distinct, and once they are sold, the piece will not be replicated. However, in our near-decade of creating engagement rings, we are also constantly learning and discovering new things.

A proposal is such an emotionally significant moment in a person’s life and we hope to continue celebrating this life-altering occasion for many years to come.

Please continue to watch our Instagram or Facebook for announcements and future launches ;)

I want to buy a Choo Yilin sapphire engagement ring - can I just walk into your Mandarin Gallery Flagship Boutique?

While walk-ins are always welcome in our Flagship Boutique, we highly recommend making an appointment, so that a dedicated member of our team will be there to assist you in making such an important decision.

Can I buy them online?

Most definitely! To view the Choo Yilin Sapphire Engagement Ring Collection, please click here.

If the sapphire dropped, is there any replacement?

In the unlikely and unfortunate case that this happens, please get in touch with us. While our warranty does not cover the loss of gemstones, we may be able to advise on what can be done for your ring.

How do I care for my sapphire ring? Are there Dos and Don'ts?

While sapphires are very durable gems (they're a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale where 10 is the max), do bear in mind that your beautiful ring is still a piece of fine jewellery, and should be treated with care. Click here to view our jewellery care page for more detailed care tips!

Will the value of my sapphire hold?

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 11.20.08 AM.png

Globally, these natural marvels have been growing in value for decades, and as it continues its streak of popularity, this trend is likely to continue.

What are the steps you take to identify spinels from sapphire?

Sapphires and spinels have different properties that allow a gemologist to discern between them. There are usually seven steps to identifying a gem, and most of these steps require tools like microscopes to facilitate. Rest assured, Choo Yilin’s sapphire engagement rings will come with certification to ensure authenticity.

What are the quality factors associated with sapphires?

The 4Cs determine the quality of the sapphire: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. These factors must be looked at together in order to most accurately determine the quality of a sapphire.

How do I know if I'm paying a good price for a sapphire?

In the market, there are different types of sapphires: unheated, heated, and man-made (synthetic). Unheated sapphires are the most valuable, as no two stones are ever alike and cannot be replicated. Prices for different sapphires vary so it’s important to know which sapphire you’re keen to get.

What is the difference between a heated and unheated sapphires?

Less than 5% of the sapphires available worldwide are unheated sapphires, which means the stones are natural and no two gems are the same. Many sapphires in the trade undergo heat treatments to get bolder, more uniform colours. This means that hundreds of heated sapphires actually look the same.

Which type of Sapphire is most precious?


There are different types of sapphires; for example, there are man-made (synthetic) ones, heated sapphires, and unheated sapphires. Between these three, the most precious would be the unheated sapphires.

What colour of sapphires are considered the most valuable?

Scientifically speaking, no colour is “more valuable”; however, because of the royal engagement rings of our time, royal blue sapphires are currently the most popular hue in the market, giving them a premium on their value.

Are lighter or darker hues more expensive?

With sapphires, one must look at its hue (its colour: blue, green, pink etc), saturation (colour purity and intensity) and tone (light to dark). Each factor plays a part in determining the value of the stone. In most cases, the more saturated the colour is, the more valuable the sapphire would be - however, there are exceptions to this. For example, a Padparadscha sapphire (a medium-toned, orangey-pink sapphire) is lighter in hue than a pink sapphire, but it is more valuable.

I still have more questions - who can I speak with?

Thank you for your keen interest, we’re always happy to hear from you.
Please email us at so we can assist.

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