Gemstones 101: The Stones That Bind


We’ve previously covered the gemstones that strengthen and rejuvenate – today, we’re bringing you the last of this series on gemstones titled, The Stones That Bind.

True to its namesake, these are some gemstones which perpetuates the binding power of relationships and emotions - the stones for the heart.


Citrine: For Happiness

Citrine, the stone of light and happiness, looks the part as well in its bright yellow hue. It is said to bring clarity to those who wear it and helps to manifest anything you want to bring into your life. With its boundless energy, the Citrine is believed to encourage the appreciation of life, fresh beginnings, and new pursuits.

Your own personal energizer battery - the Citrine can be an apt reminder to always harbour an optimistic outlook towards life or simply be a personification of your overflowing happy bubbly personality. 

Garnet: For Devotion

Garnet is regarded as the stone of passionate devotion; towards family, friends, the self, and purpose in life — a trait that’s highly underrated in our society today. Although garnets are available in numerous shades and hues, the deep crimson red garnets are often the most favoured for their brilliance and intensity.

Not only does the luscious red hue stand out strikingly against the yellow gold bamboo motifs – you can proudly pledge your love and loyalties with our stunning Bamboo Vine Necklace in Rhodolite Garnet.

Rose Quartz: For Harmony

Complete with its gentle pale pink hues, it’s no wonder why the Rose Quartz has acquired the moniker, "The stone of the heart". Said to bring peace and calm to relationships, it is believed to be used to remove negativity and restore harmony after conflict.

Life never promised us a bed of roses, and walking around with rose-tinted glasses doesn’t always make things right. But perhaps if things do go awry, you might want to chuck those glasses away, accept the tribulations of life and move on with your ever reconciling Shophouse Lumiere Ring in Rose Quartz instead.

Pink Tourmaline: For Benevolence

Similar to the Rose Quartz, the Pink Tourmaline is said to resonate closely to the heart and female emotions. A symbol of femininity and empathy, it also represents a love for humanity and humanitarianism.

The perfect stone to encapsulate one that harbours a soft heart, the Cherry Blossom Branch Ring in Pink Tourmaline is a fitting visual emblem of the virtue of unconditional love and friendship.


Thank you for following us on our Gemstones 101 series as we uncovered the various symbolisms and significance behind your treasure gemstones. We take utmost pride in our impeccably cut and thoughtfully chosen gemstones featured in every Choo Yilin jewellery piece. We are constantly working towards bringing you narrative-rich jewellery which serves as more than aesthetics and hope that through these articles, you are able to attach a deeper significance to your Choo Yilin pieces. 

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