Our Year, With You


As 2017 draws to a close, our team wanted to take the time to count our blessings this year, and also to share our hopes for 2018. It was a heartwarming and humbling experience, to really zoom in on our year; there has been so much we’ve learned along the way.

Every journey of growth is a triumph, and reason to celebrate.
We unanimously uncovered one of our greatest hopes for 2018,
which is to celebrate our journeys with you, as you have so generously done with us.



Cheers to Love, and Life’s Special Moments

Choo Yilin x Melissa Celestine Koh

It has been an incredible year of celebrating special and significant moments with so many of you. From the thrill of planning surprise engagements and anniversary presents with thoughtful fiances and husbands, to the deeply moving moments of witnessing mother-daughter bonds whilst purchasing wedding jewellery… it has been a truly special privilege for us.

Choo Yilin Shophouse Jade Collection on Tan Kheng Hua and daughter, Shi-An Lim

You've shared such wonderful stories of your family, and brought us joy through your amusing tales. You moved us with your sentiments for your best friends and sisters. You shared your love stories that made us tear, and want to capture these emotions to our best ability.

Choo Yilin Bespoke Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Choo Yilin Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Each of your stories give meaning to the work that we do.

Thank you.



Cheers to Telling Local Stories, Beyond Singapore Shores


2017 was also a year of telling the Choo Yilin story of preserving Asian heritage and conservation to the world.

Choo Yilin representing Singapore design at Asia Society in New York City

Our founder, Yilin, flew to New York City to share our work at Asia Society, representing Singapore in the area of jewellery design.


Hollywood Actress, Amanda Seyfried became the first person to own a Shophouse Jade Trinity Ring, a design from the Shophouse Collection II we launched this year. 

She was in Singapore for only 24 hours, and we're honoured that we got to spend time with her at our Choo Yilin atelier to tell her our story, and of course, to let her try some local treats! Special thanks to Buro24/7 for the visit!

Choo Yilin's limited edition Batik Jade Collection, exclusively available on KrisShop for Singapore Airlines

We were also commissioned by our national carrier for their 70th Anniversary - we crafted the Batik Jade Collection for Singapore Airlines.

Now, our jewellery is available across the world in all Singapore Airlines aircrafts, and online on KrisShop, ready to be purchased by all nationalities, as well as for Singaporeans to carry, or gift a piece of home, wherever they may go.

Reaching more of you around the world is something we hope to be doing more of in 2018.

So, for all of you who aren’t based in Singapore, stay close.



Cheers, to Becoming


Finally, cheers, to becoming better versions of ourselves, and the continued effort to do so. This year, we also proactively began reaching out to you, our clients, for feedback and suggestions on how the experience with us can be improved, for you.


We will be doing more of this in 2018, and each improvement we make, cannot be made without you. We always yearn to understand our clients better, to ensure we’re meeting your needs and requirements however and whenever we can.

Get in touch with us at hello@chooyilin.com and help us, to help you. Feedback is the oxygen for improvement and it is crucial to us, knowing our clients place their trust in celebrating their special moments with us.



Cheers, to
New Beginnings

We hope that you’ll have a restful and reflective yuletide season with your nearest and dearest, filled with joy and gratitude. Our team at Choo Yilin will be doing just that, with our family and loved ones. We will come back recharged and ready to work with you.

Cheers, to more incredibly special moments in 2018.
Cheers, to you!

From Choo Yilin, with love.

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