Hanami - A Japanese Tradition

Pedestrians walking under Cherry Blossom trees. Photo by  kazuend  on  Unsplash .

Pedestrians walking under Cherry Blossom trees. Photo by kazuend on Unsplash.


We have consistently reinforced our brand values of perpetuating love, conservation and heritage - and that's not about to change. Our firm belief in preserving tradition and heritage is not limited to Singapore, as we explore the Hanami tradition of our East Asian neighbours. 

Hanami directly translates into english as 'flower viewing'. It is a yearly tradition that the Japanese hold close to their hearts, where they gather and sit under the cherry blossom trees to eat, drink, and appreciate the season's beauty.

This tradition that dates back centuries was previously only enjoyed by the upper class. However, over the years, the ritual has become a popular past time for all to gather with loved ones and be reminded of the transient nature of life.

Tourists flock to Japan during Cherry Blossom season. Photo by  bady qb  on  Unsplash .

Tourists flock to Japan during Cherry Blossom season. Photo by bady qb on Unsplash.


It is said that the Hanami tradition first truly began when Emperor Saga of the Heian Period held parties with sake and traditional treats underneath the blossoming Sakura trees in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. Thereon, poets began writing prose depicting this practice and of the beautiful yet ephemeral blooms as the tradition started to spread throughout the Japanese peninsula. 

In the modern day context, the tradition of admiring the Sakura is still highly revered although the style of parties has since evolved. During this blooming season, thousands of people fill the parks to celebrate the true arrival of Spring - its significance of new hope and a clean slate.

This season often coincides with the beginning of school and work after vacation, and so orientation parties are often opened with Hanami. These social gatherings especially of the younger generations can often go on till wee hours of the morning.  


It is heartening how Hanami brings forth a spirit of love and gathering, as well as how the Japanese have managed to preserve the very essence of this tradition through decades. At Choo Yilin, we often draw inspiration from these heritage-rich traditions and strive to encapsulate them in our work. It's no doubt that the Cherry Blossoms have long been a source of inspiration for us, and we're thrilled to be able to share our own interpretations of the iconic flower, woven with our signature Type A Jadeite.