The Sakura Across Cultures


Our newest Sakura collection launch is an obvious tribute to the gorgeous Cherry Blossom flowers best known as Japan's floral icon. In this post, we're bringing deeper insight into this flower's context and significance across Asian cultures. You'll be surprised at how these blooms are equally revered outside of Japan's borders!

The Cherry Blossoms, also known as Sakura, are without a doubt a visual treat. We explored the Japanese tradition of Hanami, which literally translates to flower viewing in our previous post. This practice stemmed from the simple notion of admiring the Sakura during their short blooming season before evolving into the culturally significant tradition it is today. 


To The Japanese


If it wasn't obvious enough, Cherry Blossoms are incredibly significant to the Japanese with the timing and appreciation of these blooms ingrained into yearly customary traditions. Applicable to all ages and genders, the Sakura signifies hope, optimism and new beginnings as the Japanese calendar often coincides with the blooming season.

Historically, the Cherry Blossoms have also been important to Japanese culture as they often symbolise fallen soldiers or samurais who have sacrificed their life for the emperor or country. Intrinsically linked to Japanese militarism and nationalism, it's no wonder why the Sakura flower is synonymous to Japanese culture. 

Photo credits to Deviantart


To The Chinese


Across borders to the neighbouring country of China, the Cherry Blossom's symbolism although less intertwined with national identity, still remains highly prominent. Somewhat different in their significance, the Cherry Blossoms resonates deeply with the older Chinese females as a symbol of feminine beauty and sexuality.

A highly feminised icon, these flowers represent female authority and power - an emblem of empowerment and strength. 

Photo credits to Flickr



To The Buddhists


In the practice of Buddhism, they adhere to the believe in the sanctity yet fleeting nature of life. Somewhat similar to those of the Japanese and Chinese, they hold the symbolism of Cherry Blossom's sweet yet short life as a reminder.

By understanding and appreciating life despite its ephemeral nature, the Sakura flower reinforces pivotal Buddhist life lessons whilst celebrating the very beauty of life itself.

Photo credits to Wikimedia


Driven by our aim of telling important stories of heritage, conservation, and love - comes our newest Sakura collection which illuminates all these values we hold dear. Our jewellery pieces, although stunning in their own right, holds more emotional value for the symbolism and thought that goes into each and every curated collection.

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