A Choo Yilin Piece For Every Moment


Celebrate your milestones and little moments with a timeless Choo Yilin piece that stands the test of time and passing trends. There's nothing quite like immortalising the emotions and symbolism behind these precious moments with a wearable piece you can lovingly stare at or put on everyday.

As our jewellery are thoughtfully curated with important narratives weaved behind their conceptualisation, we're sure you can find something for every significant occasion with us. Here's a few of our top picks.


Happy birthday, with love

31 March Flat Lay-2881.jpg

Birthdays are undoubtedly, important moments. You're not celebrating the number you fill when asked for your age but your years of wisdom. Birthdays are the perfect time to remind your loved ones of your love and thankfulness for them - for another year of their existence in your life and the irrevocable difference they've made. 

Did you know that the iconic Sakura flower symbolises the virtues of love, hope, new beginnings, and celebration of life? What better way to commemorate the ethereal qualities of love and life than with our Sakura Garland Necklace. We can't help but feel that it makes for the perfect birthday gift with its intrinsic symbolism of reminding its wearer of another year of new opportunities, happiness, love, and thankfulness coming their way as they blow the candles of their birthday cake.


Congratulations on your union


We're all for celebrating love in all forms - but it's always our greatest pleasure to witness the union of two individuals who have pledged their life to loving one another as spouses. It's truly an enchanting and heartwarming moment to be a part of a couple's Happily Ever After. 

It's always our honour to play a pivotal part in your love story with a significant piece of ewellery that you will carry for the rest of your life - in sickness and in health if you prefer something that's truly uniquely yours - we also offer a niche bespoke jewellery service as well.

31 March Flat Lay-2928.jpg


Bon Voyage and never forget

31 March Flat Lay-2965.jpg

Every so often, someone ventures out of our little red dot to settle down abroad. It's never easy to uproot yourself from a place you've called Home all your life and cross oceans to start afresh. It's an endless cycle of homesickness for the local food, life, people, and culture that we've grown so accustomed to.

A timely reminder every so often of your roots and culture can perhaps help to slightly assuage the bouts of homesickness. Our Bamboo Cushion Jade Ring in Rhodolite Garnet holds much cultural significance for its nod to the Asian heritage through the Bamboo motifs as well as the highly symbolic Jade. Additionally, its gold and crimson accents are archetypal of auspicious Chinese colours often associated with good luck and fortune. Proudly parade this sophisticated yet deeply traditional piece which adds a lovely nod towards your heritage. 


Thank You for You


I'm sure we all have that one person whose very existence and presence brings much joy to your life. Be it a friend, family member, or significant other - this person is your very own energiser bunny and the ray of sunshine in your gloomiest of days. For someone that special, they deserve an equally special way of saying, 'Thank you for You'.

The bright hues of the Lemon Quartz serves more than the sole purpose of looking dazzling by taking it a step further with the added symbolism of being a "stone of light". This gemstone connotes the traits of clarity and optimism - an apt personification of your special someone.

31 March Flat Lay-2900.jpg


I love you beyond measure

31 March Flat Lay-2970.jpg

Love is hardly an emotion that can be easily encapsulated as it comes in all shapes and forms. More than just wanting someone to be happy, it is wishing for their health and protection as well. Jade bangles are incredibly significant pieces in Asian culture for good reason. They carry a connotation of beauty as well as protection for its wearer. Furthermore, due to the unique traits of jade whereby no two pieces are alike - they also make for a great statement piece to express your individuality.

Gifting a jade bangle is a way of showing how your love extends beyond merely wanting to gift a visually beautiful piece but one that doubles up as an emblem of protection as well. 


Celebrating love in all forms - there's a Choo Yilin piece for every moment and emotion. Let us help you articulate the words you want to express with a significant and timeless heirloom piece for you to pass down for generations to come - along with the precious memory and story attached to it.