Love Stories - James & Cheryl

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James & Cheryl boasts one of our favourite love stories so far - and hands down, definitely one of the most unique engagement ring we've encountered. Believe it or not - James and Cheryl's amazing Spinel engagement ring design was inspired by the epic fantasy novel and television series, The Game of Thrones. But what makes this story better than George R. R. Martin's? The simple fact that it's real.

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The Love Story & Proposal


Zombies and guns don't often play the role of cupid, but in James and Cheryl's case, they have Left 4 Dead to thank for helping them get acquainted with one another. Cheryl also divulged to us that it was James' friendly and good-natured demeanor that drew her to him in the first place. The couple describes their relationship as one with plenty of laughs and lots of trust and communication. What lies at the heart of their relationship is simply being there for one another no matter the time and circumstances. 

When probed about what they loved about each other - they revealed that they admired their respective others' strengths which helped to complement their own weaknesses. James admires Cheryl's thoughtfulness and attention to details towards the people around her, and Cheryl in turn respects James' incredible amount of patience and his way of demonstrating love through actions over mere words. 

On their 5th anniversary, at the Greek island of Santorini, they took a trek up a mountain to find themselves at the Psilos Stavros Church, which is the highest point at the north end of Santorini and boasts the most breathtaking view of the caldera. There, James whipped out a scroll with a self-composed poem describing their love story. Cheryl shared that the funny yet endearing prose had her laughing so hard, she had to sit herself down for a breather. That was when James went down on one knee and proposed to a resounding, Yes. The rest, as they say, is history. 


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James, knowing that Cheryl did not want a “normal” diamond ring, really wanted to make something bespoke to bring a more personal touch to the proposal. A close friend recommended Choo Yilin, and after the first meeting, he was sold. 

As they are both avid watchers of Game of Thrones, James wanted to capture that in the ring in three ways. First, for the two sigils to be etched on the ring, symbolising the merger of two houses. Second,  to capture the power of the Iron Throne through the “claws” which grasped the gem. And third, to balance out the heavy “power” symbolism with a wreath, or halo, of leaves surrounding the gem.







The highly significant engagement ring also boasts a bear and dragon insignia which represents the both of them and their own distinct personalities. James have always liked bears, because they embody strength and  mystery. As for Cheryl, her exuberant nature is like the fiery spirit of a dragon. With these in mind, James chose the bear and the dragon to capture a bit of their character.  

As a person who appreciates the fine details - the intricacy of the band and the halo of leaves was what really caught Cheryl's eye. She shared that together with the incredibly unique gemstone, the exquisite structure gives off a Victorian vibe yet is as timeless as an heirloom piece. James, on the other hand, simply loved being an integral part of the creation of something special for someone he loves.

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