Love Stories - Jeremy And Theresa


Behind every marriage is a remarkable love story. This week, we introduce a couple – Jeremy and Theresa, whose love story speaks of faith, hope and charity at the heart of their marriage.  As love is about growing together and never giving up on each other, the couple hopes that they may encourage each other to always chase after the eternal things that last forever. 

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The Love Story and Proposal

 Not exactly the most romantic location to meet your future partner, Jeremy and Theresa met in a car park at St Joseph Church. As cliché as it sounds, Theresa caught Jeremy’s interest at that very first encounter.

Growing up together in the same church, Jeremy and Theresa developed a deep and real friendship. However, it was only after five years of friendship before Jeremy finally had the courage to ask Theresa out. Despite his efforts, he faced resistance and was even rejected when he tried to put his arm around her shoulder during a movie. Undeterred, Jeremy persisted and finally got out of the "friend zone" after almost a year of pursuing. 

Their love blossomed as they embarked on their 7-year long journey of courtship doing what they both love – travelling the world, eating, serving together in ministry. When asked on what they love most about each other, both of them divulged that it was their genuineness towards each other.

To celebrate their love for travelling, the couple travelled to Windsor Castle for their anniversary. Amidst the splendour and lush greenery, Jeremy handed Theresa a scrapbook of their journey together. As she fondly browsed through the scrapbook while recalling delightful memories, Jeremy went down on one knee and proposed.

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The Ring

Sharing similar perspectives and philosophies in life, the couple wanted their ring to illustrate the theme that both of them cherished eminently. The theme was based on Faith, Hope, and Charity, with Charity being the greatest.

Why charity?  Jeremy and Theresa revealed to us that they considered it the greatest because love is beyond just feelings and emotions but a decision that always has the other in mind.

They wanted the overall design of their rings to bring out that theme and to exude a feeling of eternity, baroqueness and royalty. With the guidance of our designer, the theme was brought to life with a cross and heart design to symbolise “Christ who is our Hope”.  

With a stunning design that exudes charm and substance, the couple loved that the ring is both symbolic and deeply layered with meaning. This makes it the perfect ring for such a highly significant milestone.

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