Love Stories - Sherlyn Chan & Her Mum


Today, we're bringing you a Love Story like no other. Sherlyn's warm heart and generousity struck us the moment she stepped into Choo Yilin to pick out wedding gifts for the special women in her life. In a bid to find out more, we uncovered the bond between Sherlyn and her mother that tugged at our heartstrings to no end.

Their stirring recollections and wealth of triggered memories from Sherlyn's childhood to her recent wedding day are bound to inspire you to appreciate your mum - the biggest cheerleader and real life superhero. For the ones with a sentimental heart and extra soft spot for your mums - we recommend keeping your handkerchief in sight. These anecdotes lend a peek into the dynamics between the two and reminded us that indeed, behind every poised lady like Sherlyn, lies an equally sophisticated woman who raised her.

It's truly our honour to bring you the heartwarming interview that shows the special bond between a mother and daughter as they reminisce - displaying the most true, raw, and unadulterated form of love. 


Describe your relationship with each other!
Sherlyn: Unwavering. Mum will always be there whenever I need her.
Mum: Sher never gave me chance to worry about her. She never complained about my nagging and always worked towards fulfilling my unreasonable expectations. Her intellectual advice and love for me makes me a strong woman like her.

Tell us, how was Sherlyn like growing up? 
M: Sher was and is always an independent and strong girl. I remember when she was 4 years old, she had a fall and broke her arm. She did not cry at all. She quietly sat in the backseat and held her right arm tightly till we reached the hospital. The car ride was very bumpy! (laughs) At that age, she was already a sensible girl. She did not want me to worry while driving.


Sherlyn, perhaps you could share with us how your mom and her parenting style was like to you?
S: During my growing up years, Mum worked part-time so she could spend more time with me. We never had a helper at home and Dad was almost the sole breadwinner then, so Mum took care of me all by herself.
She was a very involved parent who spared no effort in bringing me up the best way she could. Whether it be preparing my meals, grooming me, teaching me, fetching me to and from school or putting me to sleep, Mum was the one.
When I was older, Mum went back to full-time work but she was always there when I needed her. She still checked on me ever so often and we shopped together a lot. In relation to my studies, it was also her who breathed down my neck during crunch time, celebrated in my achievements and shared the burden of my disappointments.
Now that I’m an adult, I make more of my decisions without consulting Mum. Yet, she silently supports me from afar and wishes the best for me in all areas of my life. Having had so much guidance from Mum since young, I have certainly gained much self-confidence over the years to be an independent and self-made woman.

If the roles were reversed, how would you have done things differently? 
S: If I were my Mum, I’d probably worry less. That way, I’ll have fewer wrinkles of worry at this age and look even more beautiful now! (laughs)
M: If I were Sher, I would probably be less strong-headed and not always fight so hard for what I believe in! (laughs)


We understand that Sherlyn got married recently! Mum, perhaps you could share with us how it felt to witness this moment? 
M: Sher made me a happy and proud mother. The moment the wooden doors opened during her first march-in, I held back my tears. When Sher and Yao walked down the aisle towards the VIP wedding table, I saw her nodding to me and mouthing the word “Mummy”. It melted my heart and at that moment, I wanted to hold her tightly. 

How’s it like at home now that Sherlyn has moved out? 
M: The day Sher arranged for a mover to move out all her belongings, I had mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. I was sad that I would not longer be hearing, “Mum, I’m going to shower!” or “Mum, I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.” Yet, I was happy that she was all grown up and starting a home of her own at the age of 27. 
That day, she wanted to move everything of hers to her new home and I remember asking her, “Moving everything? Not leaving anything behind? You mean you’re not coming home anymore?”

When she replied, “Mum, I will make sure I’ll be home every week for dinner”, how I wish she had bought a unit just next door. Worse still, she also took both her pet rabbits with her which I had grown attached to while cleaning their cage and feeding them (though I had previously nagged that they peed, pood and had fur flying everywhere).

After Sher moved out, I even wept before going to bed and I prayed every night that she and Yao were happy and safe. Now and then, she chats with me via Whatsapp and I’d be satisfied even if the texts are short and brief. All in all, the biggest change is that Home is now so quiet


And Sherlyn, now that you’re living on your own – what do you miss most about living with your parents?
S: I miss home the most when I’m under the weather. In the past, Mum would fuss over me and care exceedingly even if I was just down with the common cold. When I have tummy aches, Mum would rub medicated oil on my tummy even though I was already a grown adult! Now my husband does this for me but it’s not the same.

Sherlyn, we understand that you bought your mom a Choo Yilin piece as a wedding gift. Could you share with us what drove you to purchase the necklace and why you picked this particular piece?
S: I chose the Bamboo Square Necklace for Mum for its sleek and clean design. I especially like how the diamonds are so subtly encrusted. Even though the name of the necklace carries the word ‘square’, the pendant is actually diamond-shaped and such a unique shape really appeals to me.

Could you also briefly share with us the other pieces you bought as well?

I also chose the Bamboo Cushion Jade Ring for my grandma. I’m hoping she’ll wear it on special occasions. She’s otherwise quite a simple lady who does not always accessorise. For my mother-in-law, I chose a pair of Bamboo Cushion Studs. She has a pixie cut and so, when worn, the studs will stand out perfectly. Choo Yilin has something for every woman. That’s why it was my one-stop shop for wedding gifts to my loved ones.


As a customer, could you describe to us your Choo Yilin experience?
S: Choo Yilin makes me feel special because jade is not a popular accessory among young adults like me. As an artisan boutique, Choo Yilin’s niche in jade draws me deeper in each time to own more jade jewellery. I somehow think I’m a little hooked. It’s no longer just an experience but a sense of attachment to the brand and what it represents.

Sherlyn, what is your favourite Choo Yilin piece at the moment?
S: It is the Flower Jade Ring. Mine is with white moonstone and light to medium jade. I am especially enamoured by the camellia flower on the side. It’s such a dainty yet intricate feature at the same time.


Share with us how you guys feel about working with us for this Mother’s Day collaboration and how our pieces would be significant for this occasion!
S/M: We are beyond thrilled to be on board this Mother’s Day collaboration. It is our first time coming together for a brand we both love. We feel that jade represents our relationship aptly as jade is timeless and precious. When we don our Choo Yilin pieces, we have added reason to think of each other and that is just such a sweet notion to have.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the ever lovely Sherlyn Chan and her charming mother for their time and effort taken to share these personal vignettes! It's been our absolute honour and joy having them as a part of our Choo Yilin Love Stories. 

This interview was an apt reminder of the unconditional love and extraordinary bond between a mother and child. Let's take the opportunity this Mother's Day to honour the women who raised us, encouraged us, inspired us, and most importantly, loved us beyond measure.