Love Stories - Mitchell & Karen


In this chapter of Choo Yilin Love Stories, there comes a couple whose journey towards the perfect engagement ring and proposal spanned over continents and conflicting time zones. An ode to a love story that conquers distance, we present the endearing couple - Mitchell & Karen. 


The Love Story and Proposal

You know how they always say to step out of your comfort zone and you'll be surprised by what happens? For Mitchell, he met the love of his life when he did. Karen and Mitchell met at a dance class, something that took him a lot of convincing before he decided to give it a shot. Despite having a 3 to 1 ratio of females to males in the class, Mitchell only had eyes for one person. From there began the couple's first step towards a whole new life together.

Mitchell and Karen with her Choo Yilin bespoke engagement ring

Although Karen's parents had their initial doubts, they changed their minds once they got to know Mitchell better and, just like their daughter, grew to love him. It's impossible to ignore the obvious adoration in their eyes when the couple divulged how happy they are together and how excited they are with the prospect of growing old together.

Although Mitchell proposed in the picturesque Tuscany, it did not feature the rolling Tuscan hills and beautiful vineyards like one would expect. Instead, it happened on a truffle hunt. Trekking through dirt and mud on a chilly day, the couple set out on a tour to hunt for fresh truffles. Eventually, Karen found herself on her knees, hands completely dirty and muddied, digging for truffles and a little ring box covered in dirt. 

Choo Yilin Bespoke Engagement Ring
Choo Yilin Bespoke Engagement Ring

The Ring

The theme was clear: Peranakan. With that in mind, the Choo Yilin team - then scattered across London, Singapore, and Thailand - worked closely with Mitchell who was based in Sydney to actualise the ring. The process took multiple skype calls at wee hours of the morning, heaps of emails and countless photographs. 

The result was a stunning blue sapphire engagement ring with distinct Peranakan floral motifs. While Karen loved how unique and modern it looked, what truly impressed her was the attention to detail to portray their love story. A true visual idiom to aptly represent them and their relationship - a modern love story with a nod to heritage.



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