Love Stories - Derek & Charmaine

Derek and Charmaine, Choo Yilin Bespoke Clients

We love jewellery with a story – better yet, a love story that transcends the passage of time. In this Choo Yilin Love Story, we bring you the enchanting tale of Derek and Charmaine (and their equally lovely rings).


The Love Story & Proposal

Derek and Charmaine go way back to their early years. Although Derek alleged that they were childhood sweethearts, Charmaine revealed to us that it was only a partial truth. Their families were friends from before the couple were even born and although they did indeed see each other in their early childhood, they sadly lost contact once they started school. Call it a twist of fate or pure coincidence - but they somehow found their way to each other and reconnected again decades later.

Apart from both of them being self-professed ‘foodies’ who live to eat, they also bonded over their love for music. No one genre seems to take credence over the other when it comes to Derek and Charmaine as they’ve attended everything together from ballet concerts to music festivals to heavy metal band gigs. In fact, Derek unabashedly confessed that how he knew he found The One was when Charmaine not only willingly attended these gigs with him but even grew to appreciate it.

Post-concert and equipped with a little liquid courage, Derek proposed. He describes it as improvised, spontaneous, and simply ‘in the moment’ but assured us that the both of them wouldn’t have had it any other way. 


Choo Yilin Engagement Rings

The Ring

Derek knew he needed a customised engagement ring that represents the very essence of Charmaine; something that was meaningful and held elements of her distinct personality. With all these in mind, he approached Choo Yilin and that was the beginning of Charmaine’s bespoke engagement ring. The elegant pear-shaped diamond that is an heirloom piece from Derek’s mother, was intricately set to bring out the cut and completed with finer subtle details on the band. The end result was more than just a diamond or a ring but a true representation of the couple and their story that extends beyond their generation.

Just like how every love story is unique, we believe that your wedding rings deserve to be too. As we specialise in creating bespoke jewellery that weaves personal stories of heritage, conservation and epic love – it’s not hard to figure out why we adore Derek and Charmaine’s story as it’s a culmination of everything we value most. 



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