Meet the Choo Yilin Jade Packets


It’s been ten years since the brand began, and to commemorate this milestone, we thought we’d reveal something extra special. It’s with heartfelt excitement that we launch our very own Jade Packets -- our brand’s version of the ubiquitous red packets or 红包.  Our Jade Packets are aptly coloured in the different shades of jade that our brand is known for. 

It took two years to conceptualise and create them, because the team was adamant that it needed to strongly convey the themes we held dear – heritage, love, and becoming. 


Every Chinese New Year, clients, friends and family have asked us why we aren’t producing red packets while so many other brands are. This struck them as especially odd because of our commitment to heritage. 

It was precisely because of our commitment to heritage that the brand took so long to launch its own version of “ang pows”. It took a long time before the team felt that the product could do justice to our brand’s values. An immense amount of time and research went into this as we wanted to ensure that the original meaning of what red packets could be conveyed to the recipient. 

If we think about what red packets are meant to symbolise, they are blessings from the giver to the receiver. Thus, it was incredibly important that somehow, the design of our jade packets did just that. The inaugural Choo Yilin Jade Packet gift set comes in a series of eight packets, four distinct designs in pairs. The overarching theme that links all four designs together is a single poem, created by us – 

“May the moments 
in life inspire and 
teach us.

Wherever we go,
let love and 
wisdom follow.

For the journeys 
we’ve had, 
and those to come.

To celebrate
heritage, becoming 
and most of all,


The poem was created in such a way that it consisted of four distinct blessings and could stand alone by itself, but combined together to be part of a longer poem that reflected the brand’s deeply held beliefs of love, heritage and becoming. Choo Yilin has taken each individual blessing and embossed it onto each of the four jade packet designs. 

The inside of the jade packets feature the quintessential Southeast Asian motif, the Peranakan tile; a nod towards one of the brand’s most significant inspirations. 


And in light of celebrating our special moments -- weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or personal accomplishments, we also included cards for us to pen heartfelt notes to our loved ones. We thought this might be a more elegant and practical option, to the usual practise of scribbling our messages on the back of the traditional red packet.


The Choo Yilin Jade Packets are not available for sale.

We want to share the joy of this special milestone with you, our customers and friends of the brand, so from the 8th until the 31st of August, with any purchase made in our Flagship Boutique, or from our website, we’ll be gifting you with one limited edition set of our Jade Packets. This gift is available whilst stocks last, terms and conditions apply.

A token from us to you, to gift the ones you cherish the most.

With Love,

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