Singapore Airlines and Choo Yilin bring Singapore culture worldwide

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In 2017, we were commissioned by Singapore Airlines to create a collection to celebrate the milestone that was their 70th Anniversary, and the Batik Jade Collection was born, inspired by the airlines’ iconic sarong kebaya.

This year, we are incredibly honoured to present a capsule collection for the award winning Singapore Airlines. To have our work shared across the world is something we have always aspired towards, and this collaboration allows us to do just that.

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Meet the Emblem Jade Collection, a capsule series featuring our three-dimensional interpretation of the Peranakan tile, an icon widely found in the heritage-rich neighbourhood of Joo Chiat. Sterling silver motifs are nestled carefully against custom-cut Type A jadeite coins for both our Emblem Jade Studs and the Emblem Jade Necklace.

The Peranakan tile was the chosen inspiration for this capsule collection because it was a creation that was distinctively Singaporean while at the same time had its inspirations and origins in far away places like Europe, China, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

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The Peranakan tile motif can be found all around our brand’s neighbourhood, Joo Chiat. What we love about it though, is not only that it’s linked to the neighbourhood that we love and reside in, but that it’s also reflective of the tiles you see in wider Southeast Asia simply because there’s so much shared heritage from our immigrant history. 

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Did you know that the original Peranakan tiles were actually ceramic glazed tiles imported from Europe? It is yet another nod to our colonial history. Over time, the glazed tiles also started to take on design motifs from the Chinese lattice.

This is precisely why this cultural emblem was the perfect choice for our collaboration with Singapore Airlines. In many ways, the multicultural influences of the tiles in our humble neighbourhood is a symbol of what Singapore Airlines and Choo Yilin both stand for -- that both are undeniably and proudly Singaporean, but are extremely global and inclusive in its brand mission. Choo Yilin through demonstrating the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate cultures, and Singapore Airlines through facilitating global travel across the furthest corners of the world.

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The Emblem Jade capsule collection will be available for purchase from the 1st of September 2019, exclusively onboard Singapore Airlines flights or online at

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