Peranakan Lace - Our Tribute to a Traditional Art


It's no secret that the Peranakan aesthetic remains a firm favourite at Choo Yilin. Their unparalleled attention to detail in their traditional garment through hand-sewn embroidery takes the spotlight in our latest Peranakan Lace collection - a nod and tribute to the art and finesse of traditional needlework, perfected by our local masters.

Peranakan Lace Ring (London Blue Topaz)

Peranakan Lace Jade Drops_Flat Lay_2018_05_08-0479 (1) copy.jpg
aPeranakan Lace Jade Drops_Flat Lay_2018_05_08-0479 (1) copy.jpg

Peranakan Lace Jade Drop Earrings (London Blue Topaz)

The delicate woven lace and sophisticated embroidery featured in the traditional Nyonya kebaya is reimagined at Choo Yilin with our newest collection. This ensemble features intricate metalwork with a clear Peranakan influence through their deep jewel hues, Rose and White Gold pairing, and elaborate filigree - discerned and perfected down to the very last detail.

Choo Yilin Peranakan Lace Ring

The Peranakan Lace collection weaves the exceptional detailing and workmanship of the Nyonya embroidery and marries this opulence with the use of our signature Type A jadeite. This collection introduces a new take on classic silhouettes with a pair of jade drop earrings and jade rings with lavish metalwork taking centre stage.


Shop the Peranakan Lace collection now online, or make an appointment to come by our flagship store at Mandarin Gallery to marvel in person at these heritage gems.