To My Sister & Partner in Crime. Love, Nellie.


The relationship between siblings is often a rather complex one - you grow up together with them, fighting, screaming, sharing, loving, crying, and learning as you navigate through life's twists and turns with your life-long partner-in-crime. There's really nothing quite like a sibling bond that goes beyond biology and outlasts almost every other relationship we forge in our lives. It's not one that we pick by choice, but one that we've learnt to appreciate as the years go by. 

 Nellie and Nedra's relationship, as explored through the heartfelt interview below, is nothing out of the ordinary - they encapsulate the love-hate sibling bond to a tee with their honest anecdotes on squabbles (think broken bones!) and sibling jealousy. However, beyond the friendly jabs at each other's sleeping patterns, it's impossible to ignore the enduring love the two sisters bear for each other. With Nedra currently away in Germany for her university's exchange programme, they seem to prove the old age adage right - Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Nellie X Choo Yilin #ChooYilinGifts
Nellie X Choo Yilin #ChooYilinGifts

Describe your relationship!

Nellie: We used to fight a lot when we were younger but now we’ve gotten much closer especially since we both love taking photos and giggling at our own inside jokes.
Nedra: We definitely have a love-hate relationship. We can be fighting like crazy one moment, but laughing at something extremely stupid in the next.

Tell us how was Nedra like growing up?

Nell: To be honest, I’ve no idea why but she was REALLY annoying. I guess I was resentful that I wasn’t my parents’ center of attention anymore haha!

If the roles were reversed, how would you have done things differently? 

Nell: I would have not kicked my older sister when I’m sleeping every night when we shared a bed.
Ned: Hmm, I would have been really supportive of my sister… hahaha just kidding! But no, haha I would have been supportive of her when she wanted to stay in hall to experience the university campus life. However, on hindsight, I wouldn’t have been able to spend as much time with my family and our dog Oreo!

As we all know, sisters have their fair share of fights and arguments! Share with us one particular moment from your childhood whereby you and your sister had a major argument.

Nell: We never had major arguments growing up but I did dislocate her arm during a fight when we were very little.
Ned: Yes! She dislocated my arm just because she didn’t want me to call our mum.

Nedra, could you share with us one particular moment when you were touched by Nellie’s actions and/or words to you as an older sister?

Ned: When she pushed me to pursue my first summer holiday internship after starting university. It was definitely an enriching experience in shaping what I wanted for my future career.

Likewise, Nellie, could you share with us one particular moment when you felt especially proud of your younger sister?

Nell: I was very impressed when she planned for her overseas exchange on her own without going through her university. It’s an extremely arduous and administratively intensive process that I wouldn’t have been able to pull off myself. It was already exhausting planning for one through my own university so I had an incredible amount of respect for her after that – my baby sister has finally grown up!

Now that Nellie just got engaged – she will soon start preparing to get married and eventually moving out. Nedra, could you share with us how you feel about that and what you think you’ll miss the most about having your sister at home.

Ned: Having a second wardrobe to steal outfits from hehe!

We understand that Nedra is currently away on exchange. Nellie, could you share with us what you miss the most and the moments when you miss her the most.

Nell: I miss having someone to giggle over family inside jokes with and of course, someone to share my passion of photography! I also miss my sister crashing my room, especially when she’s (intentionally) oblivious to the fact that she’s third wheeling my boyfriend and I.


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Nellie, you picked the Bamboo Drape Earrings for your sister. Our Bamboo collection symbolises the virtues of resilience, innate strength, and an enduring love.  Could you share with us how Nedra encapsulates these symbolisms?

Nell: My sister is someone who admittedly gets bullied the most by me (tough love) so I would think that makes her extremely resilient haha! I’ve also seen her quiet strength in times of hardship and her thoughtfulness towards family and friends. She’s definitely the more sentimental and loving one.

And Nedra, could you tell us what do you like about the piece?

Ned: It's simple and elegant, yet it encompasses a meaningful symbolism behind it. I'm a huge fan of Rose Gold!

Nellie, what your favourite Choo Yilin piece at the moment?

Nell: Definitely the Peranakan Flower Drop Earrings!

As per our underlying purpose for #chooyilingifts, what is one thing that you’ll be keeping in mind this festive season with regards to gifting and buying gifts for your loved ones?

Nell: It doesn’t have to be the most extravagant or the most flashy gift, but it’s the thought that counts!
Ned: I think we both believe that it is not the price tag of the gift, but rather the thought and sentiment behind it that matters the most. 


We would to thank the lovely sisters, Nellie and Nedra, for taking the time to give us a glimpse into their lives and relationship with each other. They proved to us that there's always something to learn from every sibling, regardless of age, and that this precious bond is one-of-a-kind.Through #chooyilingifts, we hope that you find new joy and meaning behind the glitz and glamour of the upcoming festive season - to be reminded of your loved ones steadfast love and positive traits that have inspired and impacted you as we attempt to mirror the love and strengths back to them.