3 Places To See Peranakan Tiles In Singapore


One only has to look at one of Instagram's most popular hashtags #IHaveThisThingWithFloors to know that the tile craze is real. Here at Choo Yilin, we have fallen in love with our local tiles, better known as Peranakan Tiles. Here's a look at three places in Singapore with some of the most amazing collections of these intricate heritage decor!

Everton Road


Located in a quiet district just off Outram, Everton Road is an enclave of nostalgic Peranakan shophouses. Upon entering the neighbourhood one can't help but to notice its quiet calm and serenity. Most of the homes here are residential properties, so do tread lightly! 

Blair Road, Peranakan Tiles
Peranakan Tiles at Blair Road

2. Blair Road

 At the end of Everton Road, one will reach a crossroads at Spottiswoode Park Road. Don't hesitate to continue walking on, because on the other side is an even more spectacular collection of restored traditional Peranakan residences, most of which border on grandiose. The tiles we found here were also simply exquisite, with a good mix of modern and traditional motifs. Needless to say we were in love.


Peranakan Shophouse along Joo Chiat Road


Over in the Eastern part of our city, Koon Seng in Joo Chiat is well-known for its pastel and colourful Peranakan buildings. Traditionally the area where the Peranakan community first settled, it is a favourite among tourists and locals alike for a unique experience of our urban city.


At Choo Yilin, we regard our heritage with respect and admiration. Taking inspiration from the beautiful patterns of tiles, we incorporate these motifs into our jewellery as a reminder of the stance of heritage in our modern lives. The result is a fresh and contemporary look that can go seamlessly with just about any outfit you put together.