To Mom. With Love, Zoe.


As we go back to the very fundamentals of the spirit of gifting - we realise how this act is deeply rooted in the values of appreciation, thanksgiving and love. For #ChooYilinGifts, we sought out one of our favourite Mother-Daughter pairs in a bid to find out a little more about this precious relationship and in the process, a little more about the two individuals too. 

Zoe Raymond & Mum

Describe your relationship!

Zoe: I was brought up in a family that focuses a lot on spending family time together. We travel at least once a year together. I dine, shop & watch a lot of Korean dramas together with my mom. All these mother-daughter activities make me want to have daughters too!
Zoe's Mommy: A special mother-daughter bond that spans more than 20 years. There are many unspoken pacts made over the years and the good relationship will continue to be stronger and better.

Tell us how was Zoe like growing up (as a daughter)?

M: Zoe means "Life" in Greek. True to that, she is full of life and has a very positive outlook towards life. Since young she has been totally independent and committed to achieving the things her mind has set out to do. Her easygoing nature and most notably, her display of filial piety at a young age really warmed our hearts.
Zoe Raymond & Mum

And Zoe, perhaps you could share with us how your mom and her parenting style was like to you?

Z: I believe that there's always one parent you are more afraid of, and that's Mommy for me. Mommy is the stricter parent at home and I used to feel upset about it. I had a 10pm curfew and was always the one who had to go home early at gatherings.

But as I grew older, I understood that it is only because she loves and cares for me a lot. When I was 6 and had English, or Art classes on Saturdays, she would be the one who wake us up, make us breakfast and take both Zonia and I on the bus to classes. Daddy had to work on Saturdays so it really wasn't easy handling 2 young girls especially when I was so active and even had the nickname, monkey.

Rather than remembering how she was strict she was, I would always want to remember how she would always be there when we come home after school. She would always be there to help us with homework. I can't even remember a day where she would not put food on the table and be out with her friends.
Zoe Raymond & Mum

Mom, share with us one particular moment when you were touched by Zoe’s actions?

M: Zoe has been a very filial and caring girl since young. I remember her gently turning the door knob, tip-toeing into my bedroom and placing her tiny palm on my forehead to check on my temperature a few times when I was unwell. She was only 4 years old then. It really touched my heart. 

Now that Zoe is preparing to get married, share with us how you feel about your eldest daughter eventually moving out and starting a family on her own?

M: Mixed feelings. Happy: Knowing that the loving couple are ready to take their relationship one step further- by committing to spend theirs lives together. Excited: This will be the first wedding for our family. Our girl has finally grown up and going to start her own family. Fleeting moments of sadness: Getting short bouts of this when realising that Zoe will be moving out but this is quickly overcome by the happy thoughts and excitement for her wedding.
Zoe Raymond & Mum

Zoe, now that you’re about to get married – what will you miss most about living with your parents?

Z: There are so many! Dinners together after work, even simple good mornings and good nights that we tend to take for granted.

Zoe, you picked the Cherry Blossom Branch Ring and Cherry Blossom Branch Necklace for your mom. Our Cherry Blossom and Sakura range symbolises the beauty of life and making the most of each fleeting moment. Could you share with us how your mom encapsulates these symbolisms?

Z: Beauty of Life to my Mother is in living it. She does not lead an extravagant life, she does not even own a branded bag. Instead, she leads a simple but full life - a life full of love for the family. Ensuring that we have nothing but the best. She teaches me that beauty is not in material but in the love & joy we experience everyday.
Zoe Raymond & Mum

And mom, could you tell us what do you like about the piece?

M: Frankly, I have never been a fan of jade. As far as I can remember, my Grandma wore some green jade jewelry- earrings and gables. I tend to associate these with old folks, until Zoe showed me Choo Yilin's catalogue! I applaud Choo Yilin's idea of adding exquisite pieces into your fine designs. I love the design for its versatility which will go very well with different outfits and occasions.

Zoe, what is your favourite Choo Yilin piece at the moment?

Z: I love the enchanting Peranakan collection not only for it's dainty colors but also because I wanted something that will remind me of my Mother, who is Peranakan.

My favorite piece is the Peranakan Flower Drop Earrings! I love the Peranakan motif of the earrings. My mom has shown me some old photos of her childhood home and the motifs are similar to the aesthetics of the home.
Zoe Raymond & Mum
Zoe Raymond & Mum

As per our underlying purpose for #ChooYilinGifts, what is one thing that you’ll be keeping in mind this festive season with regards to gifting and buying gifts for your loved ones?

Z: I love to receive gifts that are timeless so that I can use them for a long time. So I would definitely want to gift my loved ones just the same.

Choo Yilin incorporates traditional with modernity in their designs and this is the very reason my Mom changed her perception of jade after so many decades. Thank you, Choo Yilin!   

#chooyilingifts is all about gifting a meaningful items this festive season that will serve an emotional purpose and celebrate the relationship between two beloved individuals.


We would like to extend our thanks to the lovely Zoe Raymond Tan and her beautiful mother for taking the time to share with us some incredibly personal and touching vignettes of their years together. Through #ChooYilinGifts, we hope that you find new joy and meaning behind the glitz and glamour of the upcoming festive season - to show your appreciation and love for your mother through exquisite gifts with equally beautiful symbolisms behind them.