The Choo Yilin Pearl Bar: Commemorating Your Special Moments


The Pearl Bar: Celebrating Life

In times of joy, we shine our brightest. In times of adversity, we grow and progress to be wiser. It is our varied experiences that make us special, each of us just one in seven billion. That makes us rare and we ought to celebrate that.

Heartened by the resilience of the human spirit, Choo Yilin presents a first-of-its-kind exclusive experience that will highlight each unique journey through an enduringly favoured gem: the pearl. 

The pearl is the only part of fine jewelry that is produced by a living, breathing being and so, with the pearl, we celebrate life.




Choo Yilin Pearl Bar: Freshwater Pearls

Testament symbols of generosity, Freshwater pearls come in a more varied selection of lustrous hues and sizes than any pearl type and hence, have captured the hearts of many. Although a mainstay in fine jewellery - the key is finding the strand that will bear true to its wearer’s personality.

The Choo Yilin Pearl Bar (Peranakan Motif and Pearls)

Often celebrated for its organic appeal, these natural beauties project a unique vibrancy and joie de vivre, embodying contemporary romance; a gift for the one who radiates boundless joy.



Pearls of Wisdom

Choo Yilin Pearl Bar: South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are incredibly sought after for their larger sizes and satin lustre: they have the innate ability to catch and project light even in darker hues, casting a silver lining wherever they go. South Sea pearls are rare – they can only be found in limited regions across the globe and are primarily cultured in Australia and Indonesia.

Choo Yilin Pearl Bar: South Sea Pearls

The journey to securing a strand of quality South Sea pearls takes experience, time, and valiant effort – elements incumbent to progress and growth. That is why South Sea pearls are for the steadfast hearts, for those who rise to every occasion, and dedicated to those who give others strength; for the superwomen in our lives.




The Choo Yilin Pearl Bar: Akoya Pearls

Perfectly round, and with a lustre that is widely acclaimed as a “sparkle” is the coveted Akoya pearl. Incomparably luminous, our saltwater Akoya pearl is sourced specially from the seas  of Japan. The Japanese thought their beauty to be so ethereal that they believed pearls were produced by angels. Today, the world esteems the pearls as symbols of purity, and they reign superior in monumental occasions.


The Akoya pearl is a true statement of sophistication in timeless ivory tones reserved for the wonders in and of our lives, to glow and grow with for generations to come.


4 August_Pearls-2238edited.jpg

Make the world Your Oyster

Choo Yilin invites you to create the perfect jewellery piece, crafted by real life journeys and ode, to love stories for life.

For three days only, 18 - 20 August 2017, design the dream to celebrate a milestone, to show your love or to immortalise a memory from start to finish.

You will be introduced to the finest Choo Yilin pearls curated and carefully selected by our dedicated team for a full year, before you embark on your own customised memento. Your masterpiece will be completed with an iconic Choo Yilin necklace clasp or earring backing, depending on your chosen jewellery type.

You’re in charge; choose the size, shape, colours and settings - the options are confined only by your imagination and the handpicked quantity of these fine gems. As pearls are organic, each creation is guaranteed to be different and that is the where the magic truly lies.


The Choo Yilin Pearl Bar is our gift to you, in honour of the person you are today, the person you are becoming and the people you’d like to cherish for always.

This special showcase is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Slots are extremely limited as we unveil our newest and finest to a select few.

Update: Registration for the event is now closed, as all the slots have been filled.



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