A Year of Growth, and Going Forth



One of our team’s greatest motivations to do what we do, is being part of your journeys of becoming. Celebrating your triumphs, your milestones’ from engagements to weddings to anniversaries, and many other important events in your lives; it absolutely humbles and amazes us, that you choose Choo Yilin to tell your stories.

We treasure each opportunity to do so. It shapes us in ways we never would have imagined. And as we conclude our ninth year, and prepare for our first decade, we wanted to reflect and be grateful.

Here are some highlights of our journey this year:




As we prepare for 2019, we thought we would share some important news with you as well.

As many of you know, our brand exists to encourage saying yes to significant moments - saying yes to love and heritage, through journeys of becoming. One of the things we’ve learnt in the past year is that for us to be able to continue saying yes to these milestones, we have to say no to certain things as well.


It’s incredibly difficult for us to share this news because we know how popular sales are.

The turnout for the Choo Yilin Sale we had in 2018 surpassed our wildest imaginations, and we are, as always, floored by your love and support. We constantly get questions in our Flagship Boutique and over social media channels on when our next sale will be.

In light of how popular Choo Yilin Sales are, we were hesitant and worried to announce this at first, but we believe that it’s important that we are upfront about this. We hope that you are able to appreciate knowing why we won’t be having any Choo Yilin sale events in 2019.

  1. Fine Jewellery vs. Fashion Jewellery

It is normal and understandable for fashion brands to go on seasonal sales, to make room for the next season’s items. We, at Choo Yilin, dedicate ourselves to creating fine jewellery. Fine jewellery is not seasonal – rather, the pieces are designed to be timeless; to transcend trends and seasons.

Many fashion brands give discounts for numerous reasons, especially when there is excess inventory which need to be cleared. However, as each Choo Yilin piece is so elaborate, and meticulously crafted by hand, our creations come in extremely limited quantities. Thus, we rarely have excess inventory.

2. Our Commitment to Research & Development

A Choo Yilin collection often takes up to 18 months to conceptualise and create. The final piece that you see in our Flagship Boutique is a result of countless iterations of trial and error. As an example, we have worked on more than 10 iterations to perfect a particular flower petal design.

Not going on discounts allows for us to preserve this incredibly important tradition at Choo Yilin, where we are allowed to invest the necessary time and resources into creating keepsakes that you can be proud of, to wear and pass down for generations to come.

3. Thought and Care in Pricing

We also invest a lot of time and thought on our pricing. We spend hours debating and researching what to price each item at, wanting to price it at an amount that reflects the true value of the piece.

In the past, we have been advised by pricing consultants that an option is to mark up to our desired prices and then make people feel good by giving a discount later on. However, we value our relationships with you, our clients, too much to do anything like that. As a brand, we place utmost importance on transparency and trust.

We hope that you too, can rest assured that we do the best wherever we can,
to ensure your experience with us is always a meaningful one.

For all of these reasons, Choo Yilin will not be having any sales events in 2019.



When it comes to precious keepsakes and jewellery with great emotional significance, we’ve learned that solid gold is the way to go.

This precious metal performs best to the expectations of modern day heirlooms, and is able to withstand the harsh humidity of Southeast Asia better than Sterling Silver. Thus, this year, we are moving forward primarily with creations in either 9KT or 18KT gold.


What else will we be saying yes to in the brand’s first decade? Plenty; stay close.

In the meantime, cheers to yet another year of wonder. Thank YOU for being a grand part of it, and for trusting us to continue doing what we do best: celebrating love and heritage, through journeys of becoming.

Happy New Year, from our family to yours!

With love,
Choo Yilin

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