All About The Choo Yilin Jade Bangles


Meet the Iconic Heritage Bangles, The Majestic Lunars, and Our Newest Launch: The Classic Oval Jade Bangle


Introducing The Classic Oval Jade Bangle,
Choo Yilin’s newest icon.

Sleek, chic, and minimalist. Like all Choo Yilin bangles, the Classic Oval Jade Bangle is handcrafted from organic Type A Jadeite. What sets this radiant piece apart is its custom oval cut and minimal metalwork; this pared down aesthetic is dedicated to celebrating the story of jade itself, a trait inherent to the Classics.

Choo Yilin Jade Bangles have always been a brand icon.

For the past decade, we’ve had the honour of seeing our Type A Jadeite bangles worn to life’s most significant moments, gifted to life’s superstars, and cherished as a personal keepsake and future heirloom.

Through our Bangle Customisation Journey, where clients are able to choose their own jade bangles, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you, understanding your needs and hearing your queries. We also know that it’s not always easy to choose the perfect bangle, so here’s a little guide to help!

What’s Your Choo Yilin Jade Bangle Style?



Your answers were mostly A’s:  

The Classic Oval Jade Bangle - The Newest Choo Yilin Icon


Custom-cut and carefully proportioned, the Classic Oval Jade Bangle presents a modern twist on the traditional round jade bangle - an ideal choice for the trendsetter who’s always on the go and wants to add that touch of luxury for any ensemble. The Classic Oval Jade Bangle is not too thick, nor too thin - every piece goes through meticulous craftsmanship on getting our newest signature oval cut just right. With solid gold metalwork hidden secretly on the inside, the Classic Oval Jade Bangle is a radiant and minimalistic conversation piece where the jade is the story to tell.


Your answers were mostly B’s:  

The Choo Yilin Heritage Bangles - Emblems of Asian Heritage


Inspired by Asian icons, and created to tell these heritage stories on a global scale, each Choo Yilin Bangle in the Heritage Series is thoughtfully paired with intricate metalwork designs that pay homage to Asian roots. The creation of a single bangle often takes 18 months, a testament to the brand’s dedication of presenting worthy heirlooms to pass down for generations to come - an exceptional match for the sophisticated lady with an eye for artful detail, and a heartfelt story to share.


Your answers were mostly C’s:  

The Choo Yilin Lunar Jade Bangle - A New Dimension of Brilliance


It took our Founder, Yilin, a decade to handpick each Lunar Jade Bangle. Chosen for their unparalleled luminosity and unbelievably fine grain, these bangles also belong to a class of jade that’s coveted by serious jade collectors all over the world. Each Lunar Jade Bangle is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, organically created by nature and polished by master artisans to unveil an ethereal glow that’s impossible to replicate. A Lunar Jade Bangle comes crowned with a diamond-embellished signature Choo Yilin Peranakan clasp in solid 18KT rose gold - made for the change-makers with a penchant for the finest things in life.

We hope our little guide above helped you understand more about the range of Type A Jadeite Bangles we offer, and that you had fun discovering the jade bangle style for you. It’s just the beginning of your journey to choosing your dream jade bangle. As the experience of choosing a bangle is such a personal journey, we’d love to host you to view our bangles in person at the Choo Yilin Flagship Boutique.