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All About The Choo Yilin Jade Bangles

Introducing The Classic Oval Jade Bangle, Choo Yilin’s newest icon. Sleek, chic, and minimalist. Like all Choo Yilin bangles, the Classic Oval Jade Bangle is handcrafted from organic Type A Jadeite. What sets this radiant piece apart is its custom oval cut and minimal metalwork; this pared down aesthetic is dedicated to celebrating the story of jade itself, a trait inherent to the Classics.

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The Classics: The Jade Is The Story

For the brand’s 10th Anniversary, we bring the “little black dress” of fine jewellery to light: The Classics. Chosen from the top 1% Type A Jadeite in the world, an extremely precious, and limited selection. Each jade round is custom-cut and the entire piece is crafted by hand; the jade’s organic nature is preserved to its finest. No heat treatment. No colour added. No two pieces are identical.

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